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Mobile and hand-held power tool safety measures
    1) Portable power tools and hand-held power tool before power should be connected to the protective earthing or protect access to zero.
    2) portable electric tools and hand-held power tools should be equipped with a separate power switch and protection, prohibited a switch connected to two and two or more electrical devices.
    3) portable electric power tools should be used to switch leakage protection device, operating current should be less than 15mA, operating time is less than 0.1s, the switch should be installed in its place is easy to operate, and tools for distance should be no more than 5m.
    4) portable power tools, hand-held power tools when using socket connector, which plugs and sockets should be no damage, no cracks, and good insulation.
    5) use electric tools or suspended for any reason to leave the scene in case of a sudden power outage, you should pull the power switch.
    6) electric tools and hand-held power tool, should be installed leakage protection sensitive actions.
    7) power cord electric tools and hand-held power tools must be used multi-strand copper cable cabtyre or PVC sheathed cable. Cables should be away from heat, and shall not drag on the ground. When not meet the above requirements should be taken to prevent heavy crush cables and other measures.
    8) When electric tools and hand-held power tool needs to be moved, not portable power lines or moving parts.
    9) portable electric tools and portable electric power tools after use, you must disconnect the power supply side.
    10) When replacing the power tools drill must be stopped after.
    11) using a hand-held power tools should wear insulated gloves insulated bench or stand.

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